Roger “Roger” K. Davis

About Roger “Roger” K. Davis

Term: 1968-1969

The MCC Post Office continued to serve the growing mailing needs of Makati’s burgeoning business and commercial sectors and its expanding community of gated residential villages. Under Pres. Roger “Roger” Davis, the postal station grew further, prompting its expansion to a new wing and the hiring of additional staff to accommodate the increasing postal traffic. It was obvious that the service was appreciated by the public it intended to serve and whose interest spurred its creation.

The interest and wellbeing of young children was also among the areas RC Makati was intent on serving. Thus the Club constructed the Kaunlaran Park, a playground for children in Barrio Guadalupe Viejo, on a piece of property covered by a long-term lease to the Club by Ayala Corporation. It is worthy of note that the property would later be donated by Ayala Corp. to the Makati Rotary Club Foundation Inc. (MRCFI), the Club’s funding arm, and would eventually become the site of the three-story MRCFI Building, which now houses the RC Makati clubhouse.

Year 3 is historically significant in that it marked the start of the Club’s efforts at “extension” or “territory sharing,” the process that enables an existing Rotary Club to organize a new club, thus “sharing its territory” and “extending” its reach and that of Rotary in general.

On this year RC Makati organized and gave birth to its first “daughter,” the Rotary Club of Makati West which in time grew to become the second largest in Makati and the district and a fertile breeding ground for district governors and RI officers.

It was also Pres. Roger who started the practice of paying visits to other Rotary clubs to establish fellowship and service links that benefit both visitor and the visited. He led delegations on visits to the Rotary Club of Legaspi in Albay, the Bicol region, RC Cebu in Central Visayas, and RC Zamboanga in Mindanao. It is safe to assume that it was that visit that paved the way for the forging of a matched clubs agreement with RC Cebu in RY 1991-1992.