William “Bill” Beck

About William “Bill” Beck

Term: 1978-1979

Guided by the R.I. theme, “Reach Out,” Pres. William “Bill” Beck undertook a procession of projects aimed at lending a hand to various groups. All in all some 3,600 persons benefited from these programs that spanned such fields as education, skills training, health, and even psychological and religious services.

Its strong advocacy for the health of young children spurred the Club to subsidize a number of nutrition programs, working in tandem with the municipal government and barangay units in running feeding centers for undernourished pre-school and grade school children in the economically challenged sections of Makati under the Mothercraft Project.

With its multi-purpose direction still in place, the MRDC served as a staging point for projects that benefited the Guadalupe Viejo community. These included a supervised credit plan for 17 families badly in need of capital for small businesses, a shampoo-labeling contract with Colgate-Palmolive Philippines that provided part-time employment to a number of unemployed persons, and a workshop for parents of mentally challenged children.

The year marked the launch of the Search for Model Employees, a recognition program for corporate workers with a proven track record of industry, enterprise, and a proper work ethic in the workplace. Fifteen “model employees” were honored as workplace exemplars by the Club during a regular meeting in September, Vocational Service Month.

The Club also carried out another run of the nationwide recognition program for outstanding community projects, National Awards for Community Service (NACS) which on that year was renamed National Awards for Barangay Service (NABS) to reflect the change in the term for the smallest political unit, from “barrio” to “barangay.”

Also enjoying another run were the Jomalig Project and Tahanang Walang Hagdan.